The song on strings

My new student Crystal is six.

Each week I asked if she practised, and she unapologetically piped up, “Nope!”

One day the concept twigged. Crystal was practising!

Her mother said it’s nothing to do with her, and I marvelled that a little kid had the presence of mind to go to a piano and practise, without encouragement.

Crystal hasn’t gotten to proper notation yet, she’s playing big, well-labelled notes in picture form.

Today she bopped in and showed me she had practised well beyond my assignment!

I played the one on strings!


The one on strings…the stave.


How great is that:-)

Beginner duet with Emma

Earlier this term, a new student came to me. Emma had studied piano previously, and showed me her music book. Every note was named, here is a small example below.


I said that learning with me would mean no more writing in the note names, and progress might be slow. But I could see that she was keen and musical, and I said the hard work would really be worth it. Could she agree to that? Yes, she agreed.

Here is our first duet from a Piano Adventures lesson book. No pencil marks. Every note read and played. I am very proud of her. Well done Emma.


We have finally found a home in the Scenic Rim region of Queensland. When I’m not teaching I’m at home painting, sanding and cleaning. I don’t want this to become a DIY blog, so I won’t post about all that. I’ll come back to the music soon.

This is a view from the garden. I’m still pinching myself.

teacup fine china

I teach piano to two sisters. During the lessons their mother brings me tea.

Tea brewed in a teapot and served in a china teacup. It’s become a little tradition between us, and now it’s “my” cup.

Little things mean a lot.

Galapagos Duck at BJC: Full house and everybody loves The Duck

Galapagos Duck Australlian jazz ensemble band  at Brisbane Jazz Club

Galapagos Duck

Left to Right:
Wil Sargisson – piano, keyboards
Willy Qua – alto sax, percussion
John Conley – double bass, guitar
Richard Booth – tenor sax, sop sax, flute, electric bass, steel drum
Rodney Ford – drums, vocals

It was still daylight and there was a queue outside the Brisbane Jazz Club on Annie Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

Full house then? I asked.

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