Dan Bolton brings NYC to Brisbane Jazz Club

I got a group email from my friend John Stefulj. It was about an upcoming gig with Dan Bolton, a singer songwriter pianist based in New York. I thought I would give it a miss since all I could think about was getting into pyjamas and curling up with a book. The next day I got the same e-mail but now it had:

“Joanna please come to this.”

So I went.

After my last lesson, I popped the GPS on and headed to Kangaroo Point where the Brisbane Jazz Club (BJC) is. On the way I passed the most awesome view of the city and pulled over to take a picture.


Five minutes later I was at the club. BJC is on the waterfront, such a cool location. John said it was going to be pretty full and since I was on my own I knew where I wanted to sit: up near the front, on the right side where there’s a long ledge just wide enough to put drinks, and where bar stools are appropriately lined up.

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Celebrating the world Under This Sky!

feature orchestra

It’s been a week since the 85-piece orchestra, that my Melodica and I were so lucky to be part of, performed in Under This Sky (UTS) on Aug 1 and 2 2015, out on the playing fields of Logan Brothers Rugby League Club.

Under This Sky, Logan, QMF
Crowds building before the show. Photo courtesy of Shaun Dorney

I intended to review Under This Sky until I realised that I can’t write first hand about what I didn’t see! (I will eventually see the show because we’re all getting a DVD, produced by SBS! Yay! From the videos posted on Facebook, I have to say, we sounded fantastic!)

What I can write is what it meant to me to play Melodica up on that massive scaffolding in the orchestra-pit-in-the-sky, and to be involved in this huge, uniquely Logan-centric collaboration of the arts.

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My Generation! Working those bods in Dusty

I love this music from “Dusty The Original Pop Diva”, which will be running for three weeks at Sunnybank Theatre in November.

Dusty The Original Pop Diva, Sunnybank Theatre, Brisbane, Australia

I’ve been working with Choreographer Lynette Wockner on the big songs which involve all the cast. Lynette’s so gorgeous, she’s upbeat and energetic, driving everyone on to learn one set of moves after the next. She gets them to keep going!
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