Chris Poulsen Trio at Brisbane Jazz Club


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How sweet it was to be blown away by the sheer exuberance of the Chris Poulsen Trio on Friday (June 17) at the Brisbane Jazz Club. With Poulsen on keyboards/synth, Jeremy O’Connor on electric bass and ukulele bass, and Dan Smith on drums, these musicians delivered a stellar night to a whistling and whooping audience. All hailing from Brisbane, these local musos were smoking from the word ‘go’.

The trio launched into ‘Brother Smell the Bread’, an original song. Immediately we were in a world of edgy, modern jazz; think Medeski Martin & Wood. Funky discordance, intense and exploratory solos from Poulsen’s synth and O’Connor’s uke rang out as Smith chopped up the time signatures underneath them.  


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Star dust

Since I make recordings of my students with my phone, I thought it’s fair dues that I should do same with myself.

These days I don’t play from written notes very much, although I may start again.

I play from chords like this:


This is from an app on my phone called iReal Pro. It’s like having a Real Book on your phone. Lots of chords of songs.

So this is a take of Star Dust. I have to reach around for the melody so sometimes it’s hit and miss. It’s one of my favourite songs. The header of this blog is taken from a chart of Star Dust.

What’s in my school reports?


I’ve written a lot of school reports this year. This is a relatively new experience for me. I began teaching piano by going to students’ homes, chatting with parents afterwards about the progress of their child or children.

Of course, at a school none of this goes on, therefore the school report is the opportunity to share what I want say about a child’s development in piano lesson.

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The song on strings

My new student Crystal is six.

Each week I asked if she practised, and she unapologetically piped up, “Nope!”

One day the concept twigged. Crystal was practising!

Her mother said it’s nothing to do with her, and I marvelled that a little kid had the presence of mind to go to a piano and practise, without encouragement.

Crystal hasn’t gotten to proper notation yet, she’s playing big, well-labelled notes in picture form.

Today she bopped in and showed me she had practised well beyond my assignment!

I played the one on strings!


The one on strings…the stave.


How great is that:-)